April 28, 2011


Thanks for dropping by!

My name’s Lou and I’m pleased to meet you (or to see you again,  if we’ve met).

Perhaps you’ve come here to get a feel for my writing style? I write a broad range of material from food journalism to annual reports. So my style really depends on the client’s needs.

This site focuses on my media work, and my natural style is probably something like this restaurant review. For corporate though, I also wrote this Zoos Victoria annual report. On Twitter I’m a bit casual and prone to dad jokes.

I was a legal secretary for a long while and a stand up comedian for a little while. It makes me a strange kind of writer. Hopefully strange in a good way.

I was also Editor of Social Media Knowledge online for a time, so I’m reasonably obsessed with Twitter and familiar with most social media platforms.

My obsession with quality media and online community has hatched Agency Marou, a story branding, content and communications agency. We collaborate with agencies and brands to tell stories through content, copy, video and activations. It keeps us pretty busy but we’re always happy to hear about new adventures!

Have a great day!


ps. I’m always up for coffee, or if you’d like to connect online, there are just a few options: blog twitter facebook flickr google+ instagram linkedin pinterest storify tumblr yelp youtube.

April 28, 2011

An almost a-z of articles

Here’s an almost A-Z of articles. If you’re after anything in particular, do let me know, and I’ll have a pigeon deliver it. Or some such.

A Albert St Food & Wine
B Bento
C Comme – restaurant
D David Suzuki
E Eliot Goblet (aka Jack Levi)
F Fame
G Gemma Shiel of Lazy Oaf
H Hannah Fraser, Mermaid
I India Flint – Social fabric
J Jack deJohnette
K Karlee Slater, Tailor
L Lucy Guerin, Structure and Sadness
M Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man
N Naturally7
O Oscar the Grouch, Sesame Street (and seven of his friends)
P Palm Oil
Q Queenscliff
R Ross Noble
S Sasha Duerr
T Tim Minchin
U Union Dining
V Village Well
W Wil Anderson
Y Yana Alana